Aaannndd…He’s Back!

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22997 – 1061

Greetings, Salutations, Howdy Ya’ll, and, Hi There Herbophiles and Herbophobes,

Here’s the haps:

Stepping away from the cyber world for a while was nice. I was actually going to be back a bit earlier but we wound up having the one-year-old grandbaby come for a visit for a few days and he requires a constant and vigilant eye. Not just to keep him safe but in case he does something cute. I am one of his favorite people in the whole world so it was a lot of fun. But left no time for cyber-anything.

My plan is to go through the comments here and try to respond where appropriate, then check the WP Reader and then visit the blogs I frequent “in person” so to speak. It may take a bit of time to get those things done and I don’t know how many “backissues” I will be able to get to although there are probably a few I will try. I’m having trouble deciding whether to carry on with the Bloguary prompts or not. I’ve missed a good portion of them by now but I may “unofficially” carry on and do some of the ones that really capture my attention.


  1. Oh, Herb, you are such a wonderful grandpa. There are so many people uploading their cute baby’s videos online, but I guess you are probably recording it just for your own private enjoyment. Love that egg throwing (not throwing) picture. Yes, eggs are becoming soooo expensive that nobody will throw eggs anymore…

    • Aww…thank you. I only post pictures or videos of the kids if I have express permission to do so. The whole egg thing is crazy! Such a necessary staple item and out of control.

    • Lol. Yes ma’am. Trolls would live under bridges being traversed by Billy Goats. I like “alt-middle.” I think I’ll steal it.

  2. First, I must classify myself as a Herbiphile, and I am definitely not a Herbiphobe. Second, glad you are back. I will confess that your absence kept me from being more behind in blog reading than I am now, so I guess it is time to up my game.

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