In The Meme Time – 13 Things

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Here’s the haps:

From my vast and overflowing collection, I have selected this baker’s dozen for you. I’m working on a couple of other projects and somewhat neglecting the blog. You may, possibly, benefit in the long run. By the projects or by my neglecting the blog is, perhaps, debatable.


  1. Reminds me of the guy that noted (maybe you) that research has indicated women who are overweight women live much longer than the men who point this out. 😂

  2. These are great! Good luck with the projects. I’ve been quite neglectful of my blog for several months. My hip thing threw me off and I need to get recommitted!

  3. You would not believe how close to truth you are when you talk about “high powered rifle and pistols” made of wood and branches. For many of the battles fought in the 20th century, half of the soldiers didn’t have real weapons and had to carry imitation guns. Well at least in the novels I used to read and in the part of the world I am familiar with…

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