Blogging A – Z Challenge 2022: W is for Writers’ Cafes

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Here’s the haps:

The other day when I was visiting Brother’s Campfire there was a guest post there, by Cassa Bassa of Flicker of Thoughts blog, called Community. She had written a six-sentence story, also called Community, on her own blog and it was about creating a writer’s cafe. In her story, she created a coffee house and community of poets and short-story writers, and others in an old house in a cozy corner of a small town. It’s really a beautiful short-short story and worth reading.

I thought little more about it until a couple of days later in one of my news feeds there was a story about a writer’s cafe in Tokyo but that was about the only similarity. Its only patrons are writers on a deadline. You fill out a form that asks your name and the level of pressure you want, light, normal, or hard. The staff checks on you periodically and won’t let you leave until you have met your goal. Since I am down to the wire tonight, time-wise, it really seemed apropos to mention it. You can read more about it in the article, “A trip to the deadline cafe.”


  1. I read the article and I think it’s a great idea for writers and the Cafe seems to be doing quite well. But, for me personally, I think I would get to frustrated. I’m not very good being under pressure lol.

  2. And you had to mention this on the week that I could not get to my Wordless Wednesday, even though it should only be a photo, and when I will not be available to post a blog on Saturday. Thanx a lot. 😠 (😂)

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