Blogging A – Z Challenge 2022: V is Violin for Art Vegan‽

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22723 – 972

Here’s the haps:


If you want more about our friend, Art Vegan, click here. Also, I think I may have missed some of your comments and I apologize. I appreciate comments and try to respond but my schedule has been somewhat overwhelming.


Art was an intelligent and creative person and not one to just sit around doing nothing. He did not consider watching the birds come and go at his feeders as doing nothing nor did he consider his hobby of painting them as such. As far as all but his closest friends knew, he was a hard-bitten, semi-retired private eye. The people in town knew he was actually a nice guy but had the good taste to not mention it. He was well-liked and most of the time the quirky little town didn’t even notice him.

He wondered if he could get into doing music on some level. He often sang in the shower and he enjoyed listening to a wide and eclectic variety of music. He knew that anything besides playing for his own pleasure would be out of the question but it had caught his interest ever since that fraud case last year. A scammer, howbeit a very well-dressed and cultured appearing one, tried to sell an elderly couple a musical instrument he claimed was from the medieval times of the Anglo-Saxon culture. Fortunately, they had asked for Art’s help. If the man’s claims were true they would be sitting on Easy street but they didn’t want to turn over all their money to someone they had just met. They invited Art over and he sat in the corner all evening, almost invisible until the man finished his spiel.

“Lyre!” Said, Art.

“What? How dare you?”

“You heard me. There were stringed instruments around at that time but none were played with a bow.” Art glared hard at the man, who withered under his gaze, “Lyre!” He produced a wooden instrument with seven strings and plucked out Mary Had A Little Lamb as the man backed up toward the door. “Don’t ever bother these people again. They want nothing to do with your Saxon Violins!”


I tried to search for an appropriate music video to go with this post but the sax and violins were too ubiquitous for me to sort through to be comfortable.


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