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You know I don’t normally reblog much but this was too good – too perfect to leave alone. Bluebird of Bitterness is a rated G, possibly up to PG blog of humor and cultural esoterica.

Today’s little-known historical fact

Everyone knows about William Tell’s accomplishments as an archer. However, historians have recently learned that in addition to archery, Tell also excelled at bowling, a sport he participated in regularly with his wife and children. Sadly, all the league records have been lost, so we’ll never know for whom the Tells bowled.


  1. The better a joke, the louder and longer the laughter. The better the pun, the louder and longer the GROAN!
    Anita keeps asking me what I am still groaning about a day after reading this. She thought I hurt myself landscaping! 😂

  2. I researched this once, and that league was sponsored only by the bowling alley, which comped all of the teams.. So do not ask for whom the Tells bowled. They bowled for free.

  3. Actually, I heard they played in an Asian village which didn’t allow alcohol. Of course, the losers still bought a round for the winners. So, ask not for whom the Tells bowled, they bowled for tea.
    Try Laughter. See what happens

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