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See, this is what happens to me when I don’t commit to a regular posting schedule. Twenty days go by before the next post. To be fair to myself I have been busy. The newest grandbaby, who lives in our house with his mom and dad, and brother, is three months old now. Pike, named to honor his great-grandmother, is pretty wonderful. Smart and cute and starting to babble back at Grandpapapapa with a big old winning smile. But since that daughter, who is a schoolmarm by trade, has to go back to work and her husband, who owns a mobile mechanic business, also has to work, someone needs to tend to the daily needs of Pike. So, between Mrs. Herb, TNT, and I, (yes, it absolutely takes all three of us) he gets looked after and duly doted upon. This consumes time that might have been spent reading and visiting or even sometimes writing blogs. As much as I love following so many of you, as many as I humanly can, if you have ever held a baby and had them smile when they recognize you, you will understand why many things wind up playing second fiddle.

Oh, yes, babies do a lot more than just smile, but you adjust. After having four natural kids and eight natural grandkids along with those who have joined our tribe along the way, you learn a few things. Babies will do gross and nasty things on you as well, but without malice. I have been puked on, “spit-up” on, pooped on, peed on, and changed more diapers than I could ever count. It’s worth it. When I see my friend who has six kids and his suit coat has a stain on the shoulder I think, “Now there goes a real DAD.” It’s a badge of honor. Now, when you get to be my age and are the Grandpapapapa/Bumpaw/Grampaw/Grumpaw Bear/Grandpa/G’Pa you have a bit of immunity. Although I still change a diaper now and then, if there is a parent around it’s, “Oops! Your child needs you.” I often smell like baby barf.

I actually had started this post on my birthday, which was the 6th of this month, and planned to reflect on the past sixty-two years but I got nowhere with that. Then time kept on marching on and I got busy doing other stuff. I haven’t forgotten about you guys, though. The problem, which sounds silly to say it out loud or type it out loud or whatever I mean to say, is that I have a very classy, intelligent, and quick-witted audience. I mean, I have the crème de la crème of readers and I don’t take it for granted. The crossroads I am at right now is that I sometimes worry about my content but in the same breath, I enjoy doing the meme dumps and cartoon dumps. Sometimes those are for myself as much as anybody else. I have a fairly substantial collection of them but I will try to limit myself to no more than a dozen (or a baker’s dozen) when I do them. Oh! Before I forget, I was recently blessed with a renewed subscription to one of my favorite cartoon sites, Andertoons. I’ve mentioned Mark Anderson here before but his licensing policy for members of his site is very generous so you’ll be seeing more of his stuff here as well.

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten my original purpose of having this blog, which was to practice my own writing and discuss whatever comes into my mind to discuss, whether it’s talking about church or politics or telling stories or, as seems to be the case with this post, nothing at all. I just also will be doing some more of the fluffy stuff, as well.


  1. I love your memes Herb!! Great that you are taking care of 3 month old latest grandkid with grandma. Truth is all of us have to work unless maternity leabe or paternity leave is state funded. So i know feeling of your daughter and son in law. Take care🤗👍

  2. Unless you’re getting paid to write, there is no reason to do so every day. Go with what feels good. I could post something every day, but I think it would just be annoying babble (though that may be what it is anyway). Quantity doesn’t matter. Just do what feels good and do what makes YOU happy!

  3. I am so glad you’re back. What great memes! But, I do understand that grandbabies come first. Well, I have none, but that’s what I’ve heard!

    Got any single thirty-something kids? I have two…

  4. I like to think I don’t end up smelling like someone who spends all day around babies, who sometimes are constantly spitting up on him.

    It is a really nice thought.

  5. You are entitled to your own priorities, so don’t second guess yourself.

    I am in a kid-lull in my own life, but with two weddings later this year that situation isn’t likely to last. I am looking forward to grandpa duty when the time comes.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to you. And you are such a wonderful wonderful grandfather. Taking care of a new born is a very tough job and I hope AI scientists can come up with a nursing robot to take care of babies, giving the hardworking parents and grandparents a big break. Really big break.

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