I Must Reprimand The Chauffeur – The Warranties Are Expired‽

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Here’s the haps:

I have found a way that worked for a week or two getting the car warranty people to leave me be. I went through the recording and got to the part where I could talk to a live person. I then told the representative that I was confused. “I have two cars and I wonder which one it is that the warranty has lapsed on.” “Oh, you have two cars?” You could hear the “Cha-ching!” in his voice. “Yes. Is the problem with the Rolls or the Bentley?” Loud click. I didn’t get a call for almost two weeks.


    • That’s funny. My daughter gets them in the regular mail for a car she never owned but took to the shop for someone about five years ago.

  1. True story My car is twenty years old. I was angry once so when they called i pressed the button to say yes they asked for the year and make, and I told them. They didn’t believe me so they asked me to speak to a supervisor. She spoke down to me as if I was lying to her and demanded the VIN I told her She got confused and said i didn’t qualify I said i knew the warranty expired 15 years ago!!
    Laugh today You wouldn’t want to miss the chance

  2. I think this kind of phone calls have increased a lot for the last two or three years. Now that most of our friends’ call are through social media, the incoming calls are usually the junk calls.

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