Happy Birthday Mrs. Herb

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Here’s the haps:

It was Mrs. Herb’s Birthday today. We didn’t have a party but one of her longtime friends came over and they did some crafts together. Her friend used materials that have been stashed around here, including some of the things we brought down yesterday, and made this:

The daughters and their kids were together and so elder Baby, 5-month-old Violet, met 1-month-old Pike. I think I announced Pike but sometimes life goes at a frenzied pace and I may not have. I will forever be indebted to Colin McQueen for teaching me the phrase (I believe he mentioned it in a Covid post but I’m not sure anymore.), “Don’t tell him, Pike!”
“What’s the matter, why are you crying?” Says someone.
“Don’t tell him Pike!” Says Grandpapa.
I will use and abuse the phrase for sure. I understand it comes from a BBC show called Dad’s Army:

5-Month-Old Violet Meets 1-Month-Old Pike

I tried to do my part by bringing a pound and a half of chocolate and some flowers:

We didn’t have a party but Son-In_law who lives here bought Grandmama a cake. She had a helper named Alex to blow out the candles. There were a few different pictures but this one where his eyes are crossed because he focused so hard cracked me up.

I will be going around the blogiverse tomorrow sometime and catching up with all of you fine folks.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I’d be pretty lost if I couldn’t make regular references to pop culture. When I worked with you, I would say “Haaave a good day” to customers after ringing them up. It was a reference to the TV show How I Met Your Mother and how a character named Barney would introduce women to his friend: “Haaave you met Ted?” (Bonus bonus reference: With one customer I talked about a movie the actor who played Ted had just starred in, which I hadn’t yet seen. If I were to somehow bump into that customer again and, uh, remember them, I would be able to assure them that I have indeed since seen it. And that I still recommend it.)

      • Also when I worked with you I came across a customer who was pretty notorious from my Borders days, one of the people who would regularly place special orders. Clive Lockwood. There was also one named Steve Mullins, whose name I’m including here mostly because I’m actually remembering at the moment (it was confusing because he had an email that had a different name, I think). There was another Steve who was notorious for very different reasons, but at the very least helped share my interest in the film The Dark Knight. There was a nice homeless man whose name I never learned I came across later who was in a better mental state than I had last seen him at Borders. I have no idea how he would be doing now, but I hope the best. There was a Filipino named Abraham who was my first real acquaintance of that nationality who was always a pleasure to see in the cafe. For all the customers I never wanted to see again, there were certainly some who were a positive part of my work experience.

        • Clive was a very interesting fellow indeed. He did business in the Money Center regularly. I liked him but all the others left him for me to wait on. He could be rather…abrasive…

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