NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month – Day 1 – The Drive-thru

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Here’s the haps:

So, I was visiting over at James Proclaims and discovered that along with November being NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month it is also National Blog Posting Month. A challenge to write a post every day for the whole month. I couldn’t find a whole lot of current info on it but it sounded like a fun challenge to try.

Yesterday provided some nice fodder for kicking this off. A thing happened that I have heard of before but never experienced. Daughter and I were at the fast-food drive-thru after church the other day, deciding what to order and got what we always got, and then decided to try an additional offering as well. Voice through the speaker says, “That will be $17.93 at the window.”

We pull up at the window and the smiling person says, “Oh, there’s no charge. The car ahead of you paid for your food already.”


“Yeah. You’re about the third or fourth car that it’s happened to.”

“That’s awfully nice. Are you sure?”

“Yes sir.”

This brought a smile to our faces as well. It had put us and the employees in a good mood. “How much is the order behind us?”


“Well, let’s keep this chain going. At least I’m not going to be the one to break it. I’ll pay for theirs.” I mean, no I didn’t have to but even with paying it, I was still ten bucks to the good. And made the cashier smile even bigger than she had been.


  1. That is such a great story. I remember Once whne I was having a VERY bad dayI stiooed at a Starbucks to get a cup of tea. and this happened. It turend the day around. About a week later I sold a script. and remembered. I went back and bought twenty $5 gift cards and told the barista to pass them out to the next twenty customers. In Thanks for a blessing from God
    Laugh It up

  2. I have heard that many times “Oh, there’s no charge. The car ahead of you paid for your food already.” Like you I paid for the person behind me.

  3. Hooray, I got here before the project ends, if only by a day. I have never had this happen. At least you didn’t have a 15 passenger van full of hungry construction workers behind you. 🙂

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