I Have The Second Shot Today And Now I See Why Microsoft Edge Is The Best Browser

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Here’s the haps:

I took the second shot today and my arm really hurts a lot more than it did with the first shot. Many people told me their experience was just the opposite but leave it to me… But now I know that it is only the Mighty Microsoft corporation whose brave and brilliant leader Bill (so brilliant that he recently got caught with his pants down in more than a figure of speech) that can run computers. Penguins and orchard fruit stand aside! Besides, he’s probably only going to have $74,000,000,000 and needs our help to rebuild his fortune.

Honestly, since Microsoft has changed the way their browser is written from the dear old Internet Explorer and Legacy Edge to the modern Chromium platform I don’t see a lot of difference between any of them. I tried a couple of the so-called “privacy browsers” but really they just swap out their ads and following you for the ads you currently get. Another thing that someone pointed out is that some bloggers do make a bit of money from placing ads on their sites and using browsers that block them, especially replacing them with their own, is just kind of wrong. My point is not against ad-blocking software, if it works for you, do what you need to, my point is that nothing is free. Even on the interwebs. TANSTAAFL. There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. The Russian guy in the book The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (Oops! Sorry Mr. Gates, Your Majesty, Sir. I was just quoting the title of the book and didn’t mean to bring up the painful subject of mistresses. Oops. Sorry again, sire.) says it is an old Russian word but if you believe that…well, there’s a sucker born every minute as Nigerian Princes and billionaires ailing from cancer looking to you, someone they have never seen before, to take their money and distribute it, can assure you.

I also decided to try the Microsoft Edge browser because our friend, Colin McQueen, has been having trouble posting to WordPress using it so I thought I would try myself and see what happens.

But, aside from this pain in my arm, I am feeling better. I have decided on a course of action to take against the little lizard and I think he will be unhappy.

And remember, if con is the opposite of pro does that mean congress is the opposite of progress?


  1. Wow, I am waiting to get the second shot in two weeks and judging from what you just said, I might feel it more painful than the first one–the first one is quite painful for 24 hours when the arm was swollen. LOL.
    I’ve never used Microsoft edge and wonder if it is good. Let me know your experience. I tried to use google chrome once before, but it slowed down the computer a lot even if I at the time had 8G RAM.

  2. I think that second shot has driven you insane. I like that Welcome to the club. I’ve used Edge since it came out I don’t see any difference at all in any of them
    Laugh, nobody’s got a patent on it yet

  3. I have looked for alternatives to Microsoft browsers ever since they bulldozed over Netscape Navigator. I have been using Brave for about 6 months, which replaced Chrome. I guess I like an underdog.

    Your last thought is spot on.

  4. Good post Herb. Yup, the 2nd Pfizer shot had more of an impact on us too. As to browsers, I made an effort to get away from Google by using Edge, but the slowness of this browser with all its ads and news feed I neither wanted nor needed drove me crazy. I have since switched back to Google and made sure not to have any news feeds enabled. Whenever Edge asks for access, I simply block it. I realize ad revenue make these products viable, but I am no longer amused. Cheers. Allan

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