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I have been in a slump and kind of a funk of late and besides not posting on the blog here I have been remiss in making my usual rounds of visiting other blogs. I’m trying to fix that by going all over the internet reading blogs today. I have come to the conclusion that I made a serious mistake in quitting writing a daily post. This is exactly what happened the last time when the blog pretty much disintegrated into a few posts a year. So, without further ado, some news from Herb’s World.

News Item #1

I am going back to doing a daily post. They won’t all be winners but I have observed that if I post every day I wind up with some winners whereas if I don’t post at all I have fewer winning posts.

News Item #2

I followed with great interest the incorrectly named Dumbest Blogger’s series about leaving The Google. His posts 483, 484, and 485 were, in fact, not dumb at all, but made a lot of good and intelligent points about technology in general and about Google. I even tried the Brave browser for several days with okay results. I uninstalled it. It worked well and imported all my bookmarks and cookies without any problems, which is amazing in and of itself. I had no complaints but it seemed to me like it was just an overgrown adblocker with its own agenda. The ads were taken off sites but they heavily advertise cryptocurrencies on the default homepage, which you can change, and they also have “toast” style ads that pop up which you can turn off. One of the issues I read about was that people who have smaller websites and blogs really try to make money off of ads and Brave is hurting them that way. I’m not sure, they all have their drawbacks. I am looking around.

News Item #3

I told you about daughter’s diagnosis of Progressive MS. She was given several different treatment options by her doctor (who has taken her seriously from the moment she saw the MRI scans) and started a treatment program with a fairly new drug on the market called OCREVUS. She is not out of the woods, yet, but with this drug and physical, occupational, and speech therapy she is on the way to doing a whole lot better.

News Item #4

I am finding that, contrary to what I originally thought, people do come to my actual site rather than using WP Reader or something of the sort. Pedantry over at Wibble gave me a few suggestions that I am going to try out over the next amount of time. What amount of time? I don’t know. You all know (much to the dismay and chagrin of some) that I enjoy putzing with the site anyway.

News Item #5

Some few may remember that on the original blog I had at least two followers who were active scientists. They were both born and raised in Indonesia (as I am recalling from memory) and went on to finish school in Switzerland. Jinny came to Denver for a scientific conference and stayed in Colorado Springs so she could visit with us. It was really a very nice visit and happened 13 years ago. Her Facebook reminded her of it and she emailed me today. What a nice surprise! She married Sam and they have two kids and moved to Cincinnati a little over three years ago. She sent me pics of two beautiful children, one of whom is entering the fourth grade next year. Fourth Graders get a free pass to National Parks and we certainly have plenty of those here in Colorado so it is possible we may have visitors next year. That email made me smile and was a bright spot in my day so I’ll end this post here.

Remember, the good book says, “I think my wife has been putting superglue on my water gun collection. She denies it but I’m sticking to my guns.”


  1. 😀 I used to read everyone religiously, daily, hourly; and post. I’ve had to depend on the random-read method, and kept checking if I’ve missed when you wrote something.

  2. Hi, Herb!

    Thanks for the shout-out and link to my blog§, much appreciated. On the subject of suggestions: it was pure chance that I visited this page (from the ‘Visit’ link in the WordPress Reader, incidentally) and spotted that. Whenever you link to another site, you have a chance of creating a ‘pingback‘ if you link to a specific page on the site, rather than to the home page (as indeed you did with your links to the Dumbest Blogger’s site in ‘News Item #2’). A successful pingback.notifies the other site that the link has been created.

    I’ll bid you cheerio for now; heading off to explore those Dumbest Blogger links you recommend. Enjoy your day!

    § /grumble you spelled my handle wrongly. The right spelling features the letter ‘n’ twice, not just once. Don’t fret, though, you’re in good company; everyone makes that mistake. You’re forgiven 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re back in the daily saddle, and it’s good to hear that your daughter is doing better. Don’t think I an keep up with ya but I just might try, been working on a story about Woperdingers. What’s those, well… I might tell one of these days.

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