Sometimes You’re On A Roll And Then…Move Along Folks, There’s Nothin’ To See Here…

Herb’s Blog, Herbdate 22136 – 707:

Nothin’. I got nothin’ for youse nice people. I’m really very sorry but some nights is like that, you know? You can be going along lickety-split and then whammo! You hit a brick wall. Now, if I was as talented as some of youse nice people I could just fill in this spot with a nice haiku. But at the moment you could ask for a haiku and all you would get is a gesundheit outta me.

Now, it ain’t because I don’t have anything to say but it’s more like I can’t remember what I was going to say. Or what I was going to say next. You ever have one of them days? Over a year ago (It sounds impossible when I say it out loud that way but it’s been over a year) I promised you I would write a post every single day from then on. And if you go back and count the days from then and the number of posts from then you will see that I have kept the promise. At least the spirit of the promise.

But I didn’t promise that every post would be a winner. I’ll tell youse guy what, hey. I think my mind is preoccupied with a potential news release that I will try to give you tomorrow. Nothing bad. At the worst it will be sort of meh. At the best it will be good news but either way I will not leave youse in the dark already even.

Oh, and what is up with this peculiar dialect with which I am addressing all of youse nice people? I don’t know. It’s a semi-authentic combination of a few different people what I know. “All right already Herb!” I can hear youse, “enough is enough with all this.” You’re right, good night my dearly beloved fans, friends, fiends, foes, foundlings and the occasional ne’er-do-well. I hope youse all have really nice dreams and that your sleep is very restful.


  1. You write enough good haikus in my comments section to fill many a ‘filler’ post. But writing about not being able to think of anything to write about is another ‘go to’ strategy of mine and often without such a creative dialect so credit where it’s due.

    • Awww… Thanks!
      From James it is high praise indeed
      And I want to respond with great speed
      But for something to write
      That’s not hackneyed or trite
      And for a last line I am in great need.

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