Herb! You’ve Written 700 Posts! That’s Special‽

Herb’s Blog Herbdate 22129 – 700:

Dear fans, friends, fiends, foes, foundlings, frogs, spambots, scambots, vitamin sellers, Multi-Level-Marketing Mavens with the mysterious uplines, and, of course, you,

This post will be the 700th post I have made on this blog and the 398th post in the last 394 days. This is since I made the declaration on August 9, 2019, that I was going to start a streak and never miss a post. I have tried to keep it up and when I have missed there have been some made up so I’m actually ahead. this makes me feel good and I want to thank you, my readers, including some who have been my readers since before I started blogging and some who started reading my blog because it was me. I have a number of good friends who would (and indeed some have) follow my blog no matter where I take it. I think I am staying on the WordPress platform with all its quirks.

I think I would feel more auspicious about hitting 700 if it were gotten by consistency but it’s a nice round number and I am still pressed for time because of life. It does look like Mrs. Herb is on her way to a new computer pretty soon. Probably sooner than later. Oh well. That’s life. What’s Life? A photo magazine. What’s it cost? Oh, it’s not in print any more. Oh, well, that’s too bad. That’s Life. What’s Life? A breakfast cereal. What’s it cost? About $2.00 I think. That’s too much. That’s Life. What’s Life? A board game. What’s it cost? $14.99. That’s too much! That’s Life.

I just thought I should get something…


  1. What’s Life? It’s a magazine….Used to go round and round with my mom with that. Eventually she begged for it to stop. But of course it wouldn’t have begun at all if she hadn’t taught me it in the first place…

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