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Say Again?

Herb’s blog, Herbdate 22089-659:

Repeat That Over Again

Hello. Hi there. I’m from the Bureau of the Repetitive Redundancies Department. Come to regale you with a tale and tell you a story.

Initially from the beginning, we determined the absolute essential necessity to take care of our elderly senior citizens. Why, one unmarried bachelor told me the widow woman next door was having trouble with her hot water heater. It was freezing cold. At first, it was an unsolved mystery. Postponing it till later they came up with an unexpected surprise. A young child, one of two twins, around 7AM in the morning, thinking it was one of their toys and playthings, caused the terrible tragedy. Thankfully, a solitary hermit, who saw himself as a youthful teenager, remembered back to the time he was surrounded on all sides and thought about the unmarried old maid. First, at the beginning he checked the component parts and then just banged on it with his closed fist. Soon the water was boiling hot. She was one of the affluent rich and tried to give him cash money as a free gift from the automatic A.T.M. Machine using her P.I.N. Number.

He said, “No, but if you will fill in the empty blank I will put it in the autobiography of my life.”

“To tell you the honest truth you don’t seem like an academic scholar but I am gratefully thankful that you were able to repair it manually by hand.”

“You know, I mentally thought in my mind about this. I’ve learned a tiny bit from knowledgeable experts.”

So, looking out at the boat marina which makes a beautiful vista to look out upon I must bid you a final farewell.



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10 responses to “Say Again?”

  1. Ishaan Sharma Avatar

    Haha! This made me realise how foolish my writings must seem at times. Thank you for this eyeopener

    1. Herb Avatar

      I was just trying to have some fun. 😁😁

      1. Ishaan Sharma Avatar

        Right now currently I have noticed and it has come to my attention that my original comment and feedback was typed in a horribly bad manner and way. Let me attempt to try and correct and make it right.
        This made me realise and understand how foolishly stupid my writings and works must seemingly appear occasionally at times.
        I show my gratefullness, gratitude, thankfullness and say thank you for this eye opening enlightening article post.
        I believe and imagine and have faith that this new fresh commentary feedback is much better and good as compared to the last previous one comment. 🤔😕😃

        1. Herb Avatar

          🤣🤣🤣🤣Much better and a good one.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Dumbestblogger Avatar


    1. Herb Avatar


  3. Amber Avatar


    1. Herb Avatar

      But was it thoroughly thought through logically?

  4. Mr. Ohh! Avatar

    very interesting

    1. Herb Avatar

      But was it fascinatingly interesting?

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