Throw It Back Thursday – BLT

It was a fearsome sight to behold. The ancient looking woman so elderly yet so strong, rose out of the sea covered in kelp. She looked like she was covered in sea lettuce from head to foot but her voice was other-worldly as she spoke.

“Do not be afraid young man! I will not harm you, I am only the Good Witch of the Sand and I have come to rest and recharge on this lonesome, sandy beach. I was not expecting to see anyone here. Please don’t let anyone else come near and don’t bother me, no matter what.”

With that, she proceeded to lie down in the sun. It was the strangest thing, this ancient-looking, lettuce covered person, baking in the sun, turning red as she lay there. I remembered her admonition not to bother her no matter what, even as she slowly turned red as a tomato, lying there, baking in the hot sun. In fact, I think that was the first time I had ever seen a baking lettuce and tomato sand witch.


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