A New Award

I was at The Dumbest Blog Ever – Stupidity on [Stare]oids and read his 12-word post, knowing full well that I hadn’t written anything for today yet. So, I pressed his “Reblog” button and I share with you the friendly post with which I was greeted:

244: You Haven’t Written Anything Yet!
This is a friendly reminder that you haven’t written anything yet!


I left him this note saying I had reblogged it:

Reblogged this on Prudentia Sit and commented:
This made me think and I appreciated it so much I decided I should share it with my readers as well. I also have given you a Special Award.

And decided I should give him an award. His use of the word, “dolt” was so profound that I thought he deserved something.

So, to the dumbestblogger at the Dumbest Blog Ever I award Herb’s special award with which he can do whatever he feels like:


I like comments and try to respond to them all if I can:

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