Second Place and Tag Me Tuesday

Second Place and Tag Me Tuesday

Herb May 5, 2020

First, thank you all for voting for my friends, they came in a close second and got a $15,000 prize. Subject to taxes, etc. I was very happy for them!

Mrs. T’s Corner left a comment stating they had nominated me for an awesome blogger award but the link did not lead to a post linked to me. There was a mistake somewhere but I will accept the tag and answer the ten questions associated with the award. Since I am getting close to my self-appointed deadline time, some of the answers are going to be abbreviated. Besides, I am working on an idea to win an award over at Brother’s Campfire, which I have to actually do something to earn. Well out of my comfort zone, (entertaining a bunch of drunks at the Puking Peasant Inn) I feel a bit of creativity coming on. Possibly next week sometime, I think, though.

Now, Mrs. T’s questions:

Do you have animals?
Yes. 1 Royal Standard Poodle named Hey-Boy and 1 large black cat who is 17 years old named Bagheera.

Who is your favorite singer?
That is a mood-dependent question, but at the moment it’s Lance Appleton.

What is your favorite TV show?
I don’t own a TV and haven’t since 1988.

What is your favorite food?
Just one? Lasagna.

Do you like the outdoors?
I love the outdoors. I believe it’s against the law in the state of Colorado to not love the outdoors. I’ve never looked it up or anything, but I think somebody told me that.

How long have you been blogging?
Since October 4th, 2004, when I asked myself the question, “To blog, or not to blog…

How often do you blog?
I try to post at least once every day.

How often do you read?
Every day.

Do you have a hobby? If so, what is it?
Blogging and website putzing.

Do you like to fish?
I grew up with our family fishing every day so we’d have food. I got burned out on it.

Remember, as the good book says, “If quitters never win, and winners never quit, who came up with, “Quit while you’re ahead”?”

16 thoughts on “Second Place and Tag Me Tuesday

    1. Pasta, cheeses, meat sauce, cheeses, pasta, cheeses, meat sauce, cheeses, pasta, cheeses, meat sauce, cheeses. Garfield’s favorite food. It’s Italian.

        1. I think the way we made it from scratch it was three layers. Commercial varieties vary and there are vegetarian versions and many other choices. I had a link to an Indian cooking blog that told how to make it with ingredients available there (apparently you don’t have Riccotta Cheese‽‽‽) but I lost the link and Google didn’t come up with it again, sorry.

          1. What’s ricotta? I don’t like the name. Lucky we don’t have it.

            I am not sure I want to eat Lasagna. It doesn’t sound like my thing. And I am both vegetarian and Indian. It would be difficult to find a recipe!
            But thanks for sharing!

  1. How wonderful to know someone with no TV. The last one I knew was in the mid 1960s! Except for myself – I have one but the TV company won’t show me anything because I haven’t paid. Your cat’s name is pretty creative – mine is called Pussy Cat. I get reminders from the vet in the mail addressed to Pussy Cat Goodman.

    1. That’s funny. Our vet does the same thing. He’s named after the “sleek, black panther” in the Jungle Book but he isn’t too sleek anymore.

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