Cleaning Hands & Posting Cartoons Correctly

I have had to suspend my membership on for a while as we catch up and regroup, but his generous licensing agreement will allow me to still use the ones that I got while I was a member on his site.  I discovered another strip that has a very generous policy as well.  When I find funny, decent, comics that I would like to use, I go to the owner’s website to see how their licensing works.  I usually run into a very complicated, cost-prohibitive pricing structure that is difficult to understand, but sometimes I will hit on a gem that is really great.  Easy-to-read guidelines and inexpensive, or in this case, free.  The use is free for non-commercial purposes.  Since I pay to host this blog and the rest of my site and don’t put any ads on it, I feel that’s non-commercial.

So, as I was reading my page, I saw this cartoon.  Being a Shakespeare fan, I found this hysterical.  Please check out Wrong Hands website and/or follow if you’re a WordPresser and check out John Atkinson’s clever comics.


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