Common Sense About Covid19 and A New Setting For The Blog

I was visiting Erratic Engineeress today and found a really terrific and in-depth article about how we all need to behave rationally in the face of this virus. It is so full of common sense that I highly recommend you go read what she has to say in her post LET’S TALK ABOUT CORONA VIRUS: A PLEA FOR RATIONALITY

I also received a comment asking me to make it easier to read my posts and like them and comment on them using the WordPress reader. I really had not thought about allowing more than just excerpts before because I want people to come to the site. But I also like getting comments. Even when they disagree with me, there is something about the interactions of comments that I enjoy. I learned from Ben that it really doesn’t affect your stats as far as whether people visit your actual site or view it in the reader. I guess the only real thing that bothers me is that I spend a lot of time on choosing and fixing up my themes and I feel the ambiance might be lost, but I still have a large enough number of people who actually visit the site (and whine about it changing all the time, you know who you are) that it probably doesn’t matter if I am being read.


I like comments and try to respond to them all if I can:

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