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I Received A Shout-Out

It was really nice to read on the Brothers Campfire blog that he has received so many hits and in today’s entry he says that I am an excellent storyteller and mentor. Well, when you get a shout out like that it makes you want to bear down and live up to it. But, to be honest, Brothers Campfire is solely the property of the storyteller. The only contribution I have made was registering the domain and maintaining the software on the site and adding software items as he requests and I am able. Now, I did write a guest post on his blog, basing it in part on on a real-life Irish ancestor of mine, with said ancestor’s coat-of-arms and with a tune from a Scottish ancestor’s clan. If you like fantasy/sci-fi type of stories I would suggest reading Brothers Campfire. The daily installments are usually less than a thousand words and, I think, worth the time. The story starts here.

So anyway, that was a nice thing that happened today. Maybe I will write a little bit about what I do know of my real life ancestor, if I can find enough material on him that doesn’t come from Wikipedia.

The Campbells
Hagan Coat of Arms



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