Homemade Craft Kit – Only $60,000! Free Shipping!

I follow Dave Barry’s blog every day. It’s less of a blog, really, but more like a news aggregator. An odd news aggregator, to be sure, but at any rate, I always find something I want to read and sometimes wish I could unread. When I saw the title of this article I figured it must be some kind of joke, but it was art. That article, on Newsweek.com, filed under Culture, is titled BANANA DUCT-TAPED TO A WALL SELLS FOR $120,000 AT ART BASEL MIAMI. And I thought all the scam artists were in Nigeria. Then I realized, I could do the art-loving community a great service!

The piece is, as pictured in the story if you follow the link, exactly as the title implies. Well, being married to a craft queen and knowing that many people like do-it-yourself projects, I have the deal of the century for you, yes you, art lover. I have a DIY offer that I don’t think any art lover can pass up.

My DIY Kit Contains:

1 roll of Duck brand duct tape, not just a mere twelve inches
1 banana
Free (yes, free) shipping

All this for only $60,000 dollars. Order now and you will also receive, absolutely free, an additional orange and an apple!


  1. I get the aggregate captions Dave gives these stories in my inbox on Fridays. Sometimes I check out Goodreads itself (where I’m getting the updates) and see the titles of the articles he’s reacting to. I rarely read the articles themselves. But I’m glad he’s still doing it! A few years ago he claimed he was about to stop. I need my regular fix of Dave!

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