Which Critter‽‽‽

Everyone knows that I really like bears. Especially now since they can’t make a huge mess out of my trash. I have a collection of bear stuff. Not like my Coca-Cola collection, of course, but I do own some bearaphenalia.

This is why I was shocked the other day. I had been over at Brothers Campfire reading his answers to the questions from the Sunshine Blog award and saw that a favorite website of mine, How Stuff Works, has a section full of game quizzes and trivia quizzes called, interestingly enough, How Stuff Works Play. He had taken a quiz about which mythical creature he was and got a dragon. I couldn’t find the exactr same test, so I just took one called, If You Weren’t a Human, What Animal Would You Be?

Yesterday I took it two times in a row and got:


Of course, yesterday I was struggling with all the issues with the website.

Today I took it and got:

I don’t think that really does it, either, but oh, well.


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