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Which Critter‽‽‽

Everyone knows that I really like bears. Especially now since they can’t make a huge mess out of my trash. I have a collection of bear stuff. Not like my Coca-Cola collection, of course, but I do own some bearaphenalia.

This is why I was shocked the other day. I had been over at Brothers Campfire reading his answers to the questions from the Sunshine Blog award and saw that a favorite website of mine, How Stuff Works, has a section full of game quizzes and trivia quizzes called, interestingly enough, How Stuff Works Play. He had taken a quiz about which mythical creature he was and got a dragon. I couldn’t find the exactr same test, so I just took one called, If You Weren’t a Human, What Animal Would You Be?

Yesterday I took it two times in a row and got:


Of course, yesterday I was struggling with all the issues with the website.

Today I took it and got:

I don’t think that really does it, either, but oh, well.



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7 responses to “Which Critter‽‽‽”

  1. Brotherscampfire Avatar

    Thank you for giving a shout out to my Blog! Here is the link to what you were writing about. I am really curious as to the result.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks. I hope I’ve fixed your commenting problem.

  2. Brothers Campfire Avatar

    Yes, you did! Thank you!

  3. Brothers Campfire Avatar

    It works! Yay

  4. Amber Avatar

    Nice convo big bro and Dad

    1. Herb Avatar

      I’ve been having trouble with some comments not getting through.

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