Catching Up On Filling In

Dear E-Mail Subscribers and Other Readers,

As I have been going through some old, backed up Word files I have been rewriting and posting some of the better ones here currently. I was in the 2008 folder and went to see if an entry had been copied here when I realized I have not copied anything from 2008 to this current site at all. I am going to repost them here under their correct date and leave them completely intact. There were others as well but 2008 was the most egregious.

There will be two problems with doing this. Regular e-mail subscribers will get a message that I have posted something new, but it’s really not new although it’s potentially new to you. You are welcome, as always, to comment on any post from any time. Sometimes it’s interesting to see reactions to some of them. Also, there are some that will reference photos that were in a gallery that no longer exists online and I apologize for that, as well.

I will pre-emptively ask forgiveness for some of the “Scamming the Scammer” pieces. While they are not really vulgar and gross, they do have bits of mild scatological humor that some sensibilities may or may not approve. I like them and I like the character I created but that was eleven years ago and I might do things differently now. They do teach some things about online safety and identity theft scams. Their purpose is to waste the criminal’s time and resources. In fact, I found at least one post where a woman had received the same e-mail as I did, but wasn’t sure about it. She Googled the guy’s name and my post came up and she later e-mailed me to thank me. That was cool.

There have been other adventures, too, like the time someone on an animal welfare site accused me of being a troll because I said something nice about Petsmart. Some are outdated, like the ones about the Black-Irish president, Barry O’Bama and Shrillary. There are some more fiction stories that I may extract and rewrite and then post like I did with the story about Dave getting his. In fact, there are a couple of stories I may do that with.

Another caveat about the older posts is that many of the links they contain are long since dead. I am just copying and leaving everything exactly as they were when I posted them the first time. Some of the links still work and as per my usual disclaimer, I cannot speak for what their content might be or might have become. Also, I like to think my writing has improved slightly over time, so please bear with some of it.


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