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Warning. This post contains a partial description of one of these procedures and may not be appropriate for young kids.

We live in a vile and twisted society. This is an offensive and off-putting topic but murdering children before they are even born is equally offensive and off-putting. God creates every unique individual before they are ever conceived and puts them in specific circumstances to have specific experiences which later on will help with the overall working of His kingdom and fulfilling of His master plan. Every person is unique and important.

I don’t know what really got me to thinking about this again. I think it’s probably a poem I found in the archives which I will share here in a little bit, plus, there’s a new grandson born whom I had prayed for when his mom was being told that his life was in danger. I haven’t really written about abortion for a long time. I mean, it’s not anything nice or fun or funny to read about or even imagine. Yet, in the same breath, someone must speak out against it. It is a sickening and unnatural act. There is a war against the humblest and weakest of our people. More Americans have been killed by abortion than have died in every war we’ve been in since 1775 combined.

There is another thing. Most Christians and Moral Conservatives believe that life begins at conception. The chromosomal map is created (or more correctly “pro-created”) at that moment. An individual plan made just for you. The logos of you. This is one of the plethora of things that made Jesus’ birth different from any other. God himself created the other half of this chromosomal map in the egg of Mary, creating the perfect Logos. As this single cell divided and grew there was never a moment when He was just a non-viable tissue mass. He was God and man at any and every given moment. This logos of you, created in the image of God, but with the unique powers and abilities that only belong to you, is your soul. No matter when you destroy its house, a soul, an individual person, has died. It is a sad and wretched time when these things happen naturally, but what is natural or good or right about the violence of abortion?

Abortion is violent both to women and babies. Forcibly opening the cervix with instruments, using another instrument to grab the live, unanesthetized baby by its leg and pull it out partway, cut it off and then the next limb while the baby is bleeding to death. There is a claim that was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association that unborn infants do not feel pain until 29 weeks, but this has been clearly refuted by several facts outlined in this article on the National Right To Life website entitled NRLC: Gullible Treatment of Trumped Up “Study” on Fetal Pain Should Embarrass JAMA and Some Journalists. I strongly recommend the National Right To Life website as a powerful resource to help combat this hideous evil. I found their Factsheets and Downloads page invaluable when researching this post. There are documents on there that are reproductions of medical procedures with pictures. The document called What the Nurse Saw was particularly traumatic to me because it described the psychological effect this had on a teenage girl. And there are more which you might not think that you would want to look at because it will leave sickening, troubling, disgusting images in your mind. It is traumatizing to look at. I have seen even more graphic pro-life sites with photos that I have not provided. You will be shocked and outraged and sickened.

A really sad thing is that we live in such an upside-down society that if I had written this about dogs or cats, there would be an uproar. If I talked about doing to a dog what is done every day to babies I would be hunted down and stoned with stones. Cattle have more rights than an unborn baby. The law for slaughtering livestock says, in part, “..all animals are rendered insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical, chemical, or other means that is rapid and effective, before being shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut.” (Section 2 of the Humane Slaughter Act, 7 USC 1902).

I have not even scratched the surface of this topic, really. I don’t use the words diabolical or fiendish very often because they have, in my mind, become overused like the word awesome, but if there was ever a plot inspired by the devil, extremely cruel and wicked, it’s abortion.

As thou knowest not what is the way of the spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so thou knowest not the works of God who maketh all. (Ecc 11:5)

The poem below is from before January 18, 2002, because it was transcribed from a notebook earlier than that. I was working in the supply department of the hospital where I first saw the machine called the Autoclave which they use to sterilize equipment.


Autoclave: A pressurized, steam-heated machine used to sterilize medical equipment.

Autoclaved, sterilized, instruments.
Go upstairs. Deliver. Deliv’ry.
No germs now. Keep sterile. Instruments.
Ev’ryday. Labor and Deliv’ry.
Up with cart. Sterilized instruments.
Park cart in Labor and Deliv’ry.

Sterilized, life-bringing, instruments.
Thus new life into this world enters.
Pound and half baby saved. Instruments.
Pre-natal surgeries. Life-centered.
All done with sterilized instruments.
Thankful for Autoclave’s inventor.

Autoclaved, sterilized, instruments.
Bringing joy. Happiness. Bringing life.
Sterilized, life-saving, instruments.
Baby boy. Baby girl. Baby life.
“Surgical Stainless Steel” instruments.
Bringing love. Bringing joy. Bringing life.

Autoclave heating the instruments.
Heat and dark reign inside Autoclave,
All that heat making pure instruments.
Instruments from within lives will save
Else what good would be those instruments?
Darker than inside the grave Autoclave.

In the dark, pure untouch’d instruments
Come to hands with purposes evil.
Hippocrates to use instruments?
No. Hypocrite using for evil,
By the use tarnishing instruments
In a plan unthought of by Satan.

“I will use L & D instruments.”
Could e’en a devil have conceived this?
“No more oath shall stop these instruments!
What matters the Oath Hippocratic!
I can use L & D instruments
To do anything at all I wish.”

Sterilized, life-bringing instruments.
Killer had hacked some kid into bits.
Defiling life-bringing instruments.
Murderer! Kid’s heart stopped! Cut to bits!
Homicide! Done by these instruments.
Perverted, evil, mind in a twist.

Autoclaved, sterilized, instruments.
Not saving, but taking, this kid’s life.
Stainless steel bloody knife. Instrument.
Killed the kid! Stopped his heart! No more life!
Homicide! Done by these instruments.
Beating heart. Twisted mind. No more life.

Sterilized, Autoclaved, instruments.
Unable to bring life to this one.
Cannot get clean enough instruments.
Horrible way to die. Body dumped.
Instruments brought vile death. Instruments.
And the dead so far are more than one.

How did the killer get instruments?
How did he know which ones were best?
Sterilized, Autoclaved, instruments.
The story takes on a bizarre twist.
Legally he received instruments.
The killer’s name is abortionist.


4 responses to “Abortion”

  1. Amber Avatar

    Wow you’re right sickeningly scary

  2. Tony Laplume Avatar

    Abortion is only conceivable by people who have a warped sense of responsibility. They shift the focus from the new life to the existing one, presuming that one has priority over the other. I don’t blame scared people having this done to them, but a society that allows it to be an option. And even then, the argument will be, if you make it illegal then it will become even more dangerous for those who do it anyway. But why are we saying murder can be called something else, simply because of when it happens? It’s the torturous ways they try to call it anything but, to justify it by changing the focus, the try and claim there IS a legitimate alternate focus…It’s an indictment of society’s lack of support structure, not some government program but the central unit of the family, how we apparently can’t depend on family to always be there, whether the immediate family or somewhere in the extended clans. The more you isolate someone, the more you say they’re defined by something other than their direct origins, the more you’re able to manipulate basic truths such as: murder = murder.

    1. Herb Avatar

      Thanks, Tony. You are right on.

  3. Andreanna Avatar

    That is very moving, and very true.

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