2 Shots In The Arm Before Breakfast

Well, actually, one shot in the arm was breakfast. The new Son-In-Law, an active-duty U.S. Army Infantryman (11B), was up when I got up and made me some eggs-in-the-hole. I am usually the first one up but I think he was awake either before me or at the same time. Anyway, it was really nice. A fresh hot cup of coffee and breakfast that I didn’t make with a side of chit-chat about books. A pleasant start to the morning.

Then another shot in the arm was checking my e-mail and seeing two brand new subscribers. Welcome. It always makes my day. Thanks for subscribing! It energizes me to want to keep my commitment to posting some thing every day. Feel free to look around, page through older posts, either by categories or by the archive and I’ll go put on another pot of coffee.

Remember, the good book says (Oh, not THE good book, Galloway, by Louis L’Amour), “Squatting by the fire I tried to blink the sleep from my eyes while pouring a cup of coffee. It was hot, and black as the hinges of hell, but it tasted good.” – Flagan Sackett


  1. This consistent change of your site throws me off. But it’s fun to see something new each time. I like the morning sounds pleasant

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