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Cartoons On This Site

I did something unusual. Well, unusual for me, anyway. I bought a print of the above cartoon. It really speaks to my recent and current situation and when I saw it, I laughed out loud. If you are asking God for a sign, what a great one! Mark Anderson had his work displayed at a gallery for a while and then turned around and sold the framed prints at a greatly reduced price. There are a lot of his ‘toons that are either topical to my blog or website

I read a lot of cartoons & comic strips but until recently I never thought about using them on my blog or website. Well, I had thought about it, but figured it was out of reach financially and I would never knowingly mess with anyone’s copyright any more than I would like to find my stuff out there somewhere. There might be a couple of strips I might use, syndicated and not, that would be worth it if I could afford them but I would never be able to use them as copiously as I can with Andertoons.

The comics are funny and the licensing agreement is straightforward and easy to understand. Any legalese that includes the sentence, “Basically, just be cool.” is really, um, cool. So we have a combination of cool and funny. How do I know he’s funny? Because the bonus book of his comic strips that was included made my wife laugh out loud. From the cover cartoon:

Throughout the book, she laughed and chuckled and giggled. She may have even chortled at one point. It is a rare thing to get a guffaw out of her but this cover did it. So this whole purchase was a winner.

Another cool thing is that his site is really pretty well organized and you can search for a subject or by cartoon number if you follow his blog or get his e-mail. His blog hasn’t been updated at the address I had in this post, , but was updated every day (not like my every day but a more real every day) with a new cartoon. Like this one from a couple of days ago:

or, one of my many personal favorites:

At $20 per month or $200 per year, it is cheaper than any that I looked at without all of the restrictions, either. Plus, if you’re like me and can’t afford $20 every single month, the ones you licensed while you were a member remain licensed to you.

Anyway, my suggestion to you is to go to look around and at least sign up for his daily e-mail.

Remember, the Good Book says, “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…:



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3 responses to “Cartoons On This Site”

  1. SSG King Avatar
    SSG King

    I coulda used a sign like that when I was trapped behind pogue lines in echelons above reality at I Corps,with a full bird as platoon leader,an E-9 platoon sergeant,16 light birds in the platoon and as a sergeant,being the lowest ranked platoon member

    1. Herb Avatar

      Talk about heavy metal.

  2. […] news for me, I had the opportunity to join Andertoons again. I wrote about them in a post called Cartoons On This Site back in August of 2019 and told how their licensing agreement was relatively inexpensive and very […]

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