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Jeptha Berengar

I’ve started following a sort of vlog thingy on Youtube by a person called Jeptha Berengar. Is it possible to be both esoteric and eclectic at the same time? Most are 1 or 2 minutes long, with the longest so far being around 5 minutes. Search Youtube for the name. When I clicked on the channel, even after I had subscribed, they didn’t all come up.

I will insert a couple of the more artistic ones here.


2 responses to “Jeptha Berengar”

  1. SSG King,USA,RET Avatar
    SSG King,USA,RET

    some good clips,speshly the mower

  2. Herb Avatar

    I really like the fact that they aren’t real long, either. He fixed his channel so you can see all of them now.

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