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Job Hunting And Other Stuff

A break to say, “Grrr”

The pompous and self-righteous, whether they be individuals or companies, any the tar out of me.  Later today I have an interview with a company that is very interested in my credentials

Rcvd form e-mail from ****, main gist:  “We regret to inform you that we have made the decision to pursue other candidates whose qualifications more closely match the needs of the position.”  Made me mad and made me laugh at the same time.  I have over a thousand hours of training and 5 yrs Claims experience from your spee-cif-ic company, not to mention the first 5 yrs, making a total of nearly 10 yrs with just you guys.  Tell me, “Herb, you quit last time, we don’t want you back,” or just a simple “Sorry.  Not interested.”  Whatever, but don’t send me your pathetic little automated response.  You and I both know I have the qualifications.

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