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Actually, since I have a blog, I suppose I should spend some time writing in it.  I am happy that people are finding my little spot here.  Some seem to have disappeared, but it’s early yet and I haven’t been making my rounds like I should.  One reason is this slooooowwww dial-up.  It takes forever, even with Firefox browser, to open all of the websites I want to see.  We are going to DSL but not at this part of the month.

The other reason is that with the price of gas going up and up I have been punching up my resume to see if maybe it isn’t time to switch from some of this traveling to something more stationary.  Margaret will still do many of her CNA jobs, but there are a couple that she won’t be able to if I go to work.  As I often say, I have to live real life first.  In fact, I got a call from a big name insurance company today and have a pre-test and typing test scheduled.  It isn’t the same big name company I was with before, but a good one nonetheless.  I do have a resume out with them, but haven’t heard yet.  I also have a couple of Inventory Control ones out, too.

If I do get a position I probably won’t discuss it much here, except in the most generic of terms.  I can’t find the link (I didn’t search very diligently for it though) to the woman’s blog who got fired for blogging about her job and co-workers but I have an opinion on it and that is that if you get on the Internet and make disparaging comments about your workplace and co-workers and you lose your job because of it, well, so what?  What did you expect?  That nobody else has a computer that can get to where you are?  You can cry “Free Speech” all day long, but if I am a business owner and you are on the Net blathering about how it sucks to work for me and how stupid I am, well, honey, you can just go find you a place that does love you; that’s my free speech, “You’re fired!”  It just annoys me, sometimes, the way people whine about every little thing about their job, anyway.  You have a job, do it or get a different one.

See, what happens is that, while you are whining because the nurse wouldn’t give you a bandaid for your hangnail there are people who are genuinely being discriminated against, being forced to work in unsafe conditions, all sorts of things and petty whiners take away from the problem.  Anyway, I had started to say that I don’t talk about work on the Internet.

As to the site, well, I am a little behind in what I had wanted to do with it, too.  Oh, and has anybody gone to the message board?  Thanks to everyone who has signed the guest book and been tagging me, that’s encouraging for sure.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and am frustrated by modern authors.  Whatever happened to the English teachers that told us that “Cursing is the language of the unintelligent” or “Cursing in your writing is a display of your ignorance?”  They say it is realism, but I think it is just laziness.  The fact that I wrote not one , not two , but three pages in honor of Louis L’Amour may give away that he’s an author I like and you know what?  He always managed to write around the cursing and told tales that hold your interest and keep you turning pages from beginning to end.  Clean, too.  You would not have to be embarrassed to hand “a Louis” to your pastor or the Pope himself.  Generally when a character uses an epithet, he will say something to the effect of, “Cap spit on the ground and cursed and said, ‘We better ride.’”  Well, I have heard older people curse, and have heard cowboys curse and used to curse some myself.  I can imagine what Cap said and in fact, my imagination of what he said may be more than sufficient.

One of the books I just finished was a sci-fi by an author who is touted on the cover as being another Heinlein, but even in his later works, Heinlein did not throw around too many epithets carelessly.  Bradbury or Asimov, either.  The book, “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi, is good, and has an interesting premise, that, when you turn 75, you sign up in the Army and they give you a new, genetically enhanced, body.  You serve 10 years and then you get another body to go and colonize with and basically get a fresh start.  It really was a good story, though.  I am currently reading “On Writing” by none other that Steven King himself and his view is exactly the opposite of mine.  So, even though I contend that it isn’t necessary, since he has sold bazillions of books and I have sold zero, I will refrain from further comment for the nonce.

Now, I went back to try to fix a few things in the blog template, and didn’t get it done and decided I should be writing in it as much as possible rather than putzing with it and not doing anything productive, so that is what I will try and start to do.  But I did notice one thing.  The blog template’s original design came from and I am seriously thinking I want to use it as my main page, too.  They have a few others as well, but I really am into fountain pens and if you have ever written on parchment paper with one, you will understand.  I think it’s classy.

I have run out of time again, but remember, the good book says, “There was that Texas Ranger, McDonald, who said, ‘There’s no stopping a man who knows he’s in the right and keeps a-coming.’”

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