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Update As Of 7-19-06

Not much time to update since the laptop went belly-up but here are a couple of things, “hot off the wire.” Mom was in the hospital last couple of days, didn’t sound very good at all, but they pulled her through. My brothers, who live there in Shawano area, had to choose a nursing home for her, though, so she will be moving. Dad had been working so hard helping her that he was gonna get sick and this was the final blow. I know my brothers know the area and the local scuttlebutt and can make a better decision than I could.

Giant youth conference at the church called, “Heritage,” meant to teach the old-time religion to a new generation. Oftentimes people are quick to just dump the old ways of doing things without looking into why some of those things were put into effect in the first place. Ashley, who has a gaggle of girls staying with her, has been talking about it a little on her blog.
Speaking of blogs, in response to Jerry saying that it getting too political could hurt it, when I first started this, the 4th entry I ever did, in fact, said,

“Just a note of explanation now that i have sent out a mail to all my friends and family about this blog. I have a wide variety of friends from a wider variety of ideologies. What this means to you, gentle reader (don’t ya love Miss Manners?), is that some of you will wonder why there isn’t more church stuff, or more political stuff, or more writing stuff, or more funny/weird stuff and while you are wondering about that, the other people will be wondering exactly the opposite, e.g., why so much church or politics, or who cares about the difference between a trochee and an iambus and if he’s such a big-time, fancy-schmancy writer, why does he use ridiculously long, yea, verily even, run on, sentences?

“Oh, and i MUST clarify one other thing. I really am not a big-time writer. I have had a couple of very minor pieces printed in a vanity press. This is where this exercise is supposed to come in handy. I get to practice on my friends and relatives and any total stranger that happens to stroll by.”

So, you probably want to keep that in mind. I don’t intentionally offend, but I don’t see any reason to sugarcoat anything I believe or think or else the idea of a web-log, an online-journal, becomes a little silly to me.
Remember, the good book says, “To thine own self be true.” Or was that the Bard?



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