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Please De-Lurk Yourself

First, thanks FTS, for adding me to your blogroll.  In my opinion it is always an honor to be added to someone’s but to be added to a writer’s is the bigtime for me.

I have added a blogroll.  There are 33 entries there so far and I know I missed a couple.  If I did, I am sorry, and this would be a great time to segue into my birthday request.  Yes, I am 46 today and there is a present each one of you can give me, if you will.  I saw Scott at do this one time before the old computer crashed and I thought it was a cool idea and know others have done it since.

We read people’s blogs and websites for a wide variety of reasons and don’t feel the need, every single time, to make a comment and oftentimes just sort of lurk in the shadows and never comment for one reason or another.  For my birthday present, I would like to know how many people actually do stop by here, so I would like to ask everyone that reads this to leave a comment.  Put your name and website in the appropriate boxes so everyone can see your link, too.

Thanks a lot, this will be the greatest B-day present ever!

Oh, and the good book says, “Thou shalt make Herb’s birthday happy by leaving a comment.”  Well, I didn’t say WHICH good book…

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