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Peanut Butter Poll

Well, my new poll is up and with 7 votes already cast for an overwhelming 71% for extra-crunchy, I really have to ask for comments, “Why?” Why would you want to take something so smooth and creamy and already peanut-ty and put things in it?

Deciding to take the, er, scientific approach, I asked my Margaret, who is crunchy. She said it is for texture and that is why she doesn’t like plain store-bought white bread, either.

I say, phooey. If you want texture, toast a piece of white bread and then spread delicious, creamy peanut butter on that. The only other thing that may come close is if you take some saltines and spread peanut butter on them instead of butter. (Y’know, I think I must like saltines or something.) Why, oh why would you want to add little pieces of peanuts to it?

Okay, so please, please, please answer the poll question and leave comments.

Are you a crunchy or a creamy?

Remember, the good book says, “Man shall not live by bread alone, he must have peanut butter.”

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