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The Kents

Ten pounds, twelve ounces! That’s 9 pounds over birth weight! She spent most of the day off of oxygen until her exercises, then she had to have it. Since my parents were here she has been able to get out more. As I get more pix I will, of course, post them.

I just finished a great book yesterday called, “The Kents.” It is a bound copy of the DC Comics series, “The Kent Family Chronicles” and details how Clark Kents parents came to be in Smallville, Kansas. If you are skeptical that there are any comic books worth reading left anymore let me tell you, this one is. Even if you are one of those people that are skeptical that there ever were any comic books worth reading, let me point this one out to you.

A very fair look at the history of Kansas, the Civil War and the “Wild West,” it follows the Kent family as Silas Kent and two of his sons travel to Kansas. One of the things that it also has in its favor is that it is not filled with all the liberal, New Age junk that so many comics after the 80’s have had. If you have never thought you would like to read a western, a comic book or a western comic book, then this is for you.

I have been keeping a notebook of books I have read this year and I give this a four and one-half out of five stars. The half-point is lost only because there are, of necessity to the work, a number of different fonts used and there was a spot or two that I had to re-read to figure out what it said. If you are used to reading other people’s handwriting this will not be a problem for you. It really was not that big of a deal to me.

Remember, the Good Book says, “sometimes people get a little perturbed if you shoot at ’em.”


2 responses to “The Kents”

  1. pendantry Avatar

    As I get more pix I will, of course, post them.

    Woah, I’m not going to go looking for those. I’m a proud member of VHEMT myself; I have no children and am a firm believer in the barrel method of raising children. 🙂

  2. Herb Avatar

    This comment went to spam, too. Akismet doesn’t allowing “Whitelisting” someone. It says that you have 25 approved comments and several were approved by me. I will keep watching. Thanks for visiting the old stuff.

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