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An Idea

Okay, so my computer has gone from being so dead I can’t even get a cursor to back to as normal as it ever was, by itself. I still don’t expect to have much time to write after today because my parents will be here. You point out to me that I am an incredibly early riser, which is true, but where do you think I learned it? I will be amazed if there is a time when I get up and one of them is not already up. My mom gets sick with many different things, one being stomach trouble and can’t sleep or sleeps at odd hours and my dad just gets up early because he has done it all his life. He’s always worked and worked hard and had to get up early. These last few years he has been sleeping more, though.

I had an idea that I think is really cool and I hope you all agree with me. What I want to do is start an “everyblog” and anybody who wants to make an entry can. I will set it up and give you access to make entries as you see fit. You could just take your current or favorite entry from your own blog (like Susan’s entry about decent behavior) and copy it there, or, what I hope would happen after a while, you could make a new entry just for that blog. Everybody else could comment on it or respond with an entry of their own. Since you would not get permission to add an actual entry without having been invited by e-mail to be a guest author the entries would be slightly controlled. I wouldn’t want to control it a whole lot and would hope that we could pretend to be grownups about it. The entries would not be anonymous, but the comments and tagboard could be, like they are now. I think one of the benefits to this would be that we could hear a little more in-depth from people who don’t actually have their own blogs, but might have something to write about occasionally, like Scott W, Wayne, Janet, Katheren, etc who right now just leave little notes. It also would include the rest of you, my fans, friends, fiends and foes. I think I’m going to do it, so watch for an invitation. If you don’t get invited after I put the link up, just e-mail me, I probably forgot.

I am hoping to get, while my parents are here, some 4 generation pictures. Abby is thinking that if we got her some tapes, she could interview them. I wish I had a more hi-tech way so I could share that with you, but perhaps I will just transcribe some of the best stories here.

That’s about it for now, if you don’t hear from me I either am finally getting the computer fixed or spending time with mom and dad, or both.

Remember, the Good Book says, “The ear trieth words, as the mouth tasteth meat.”

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