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I was at Nicole’s Blog this morning and noticed a comment in the tag-board that someone had left which made me wonder at how easy computers are nowadays to use. It used to be that you had to have some intelligence to operate a computer, but nowadays any Neanderthal can get online and leave their little comments all over the web like so many cows in a pasture.

I cut and pasted this portion of the remarks so, of course they are backwards. If you go to her blog and read the entire conversation, you will see it had nothing to do with God. There were just a few friends taking friendly jabs at each other and just joking around having fun in our own little party. These comments have nothing to do with anything anyone was talking about:

“Herb ” Some people are just natural born party poopers i guess.
dan ” and NODOY will save your soul. god bless ;]
dan ” hey, i’ve got a message for all of you nice god-chatters-lovers and all that jazz.i’m sure that it must be a good thing that you have god to turn to.but do worry, he won’t make your ugliness go away”

Of course I understand that guys like Dan are not interested in intelligent conversation. If he were he would have made an intelligent comment and left his address. Maybe he didn’t know how. He is obviously what The Yeti and I used to refer to as your “SLCL.” Standard Low Comprehension Level. Otherwise how can you explain such behavior? The girl had just got done talking about how her grandmother’s house burned to the ground and so Dan felt it appropriate to leave a little note. Without a way to comment back or visit his blog or website and see what kind of things he has to say. I’m sure he just feels inferior and is afraid to have people know who he is or what he has to say. The computer can make him a big man, even though he may be a little twerp. I don’t think Dan has made any intelligent decisions about God or anything else. Dan is probably just some juvenile delinquent that never gets enough spankings.

Well, there are many “God-Bloggers” out here as well as many “Satan-Bloggers” and as many “I-Don’t-Care-Much-Either-Way-Just-Give-Me-Another-Beer-Willya?-Bloggers” and just like everything else in the world we all have to get along, but there is plenty of room for everyone. Now, Dan, If you think you have anything intelligent to say, why don’t you start a Blog? As a matter of fact, if you think you are capable of articulating a genuine opinion that we can discuss, leave a blog address or forum address where we can discuss it. If you will act like a big boy, you can leave comments at the end of this entry. I won’t block you or delete you if you have anything grown-up to say.

Otherwise go poop somebody else’s party.

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