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A Ramble About Hollyweird

New pix everybody! I have some that are not developed but these are some that Isabel took including the dress she came home in and different family members holding her. The B&W one has moved down the list to 2nd after seeing the smiling baby one. Just go to When I get mine developed there will be a lot more, but none of the quality that Isabel takes. I say she is a natural when it comes to photographic art.

Here are some things that I just never get. I don’t understand them and even if you explain them I may still not get them.

Why do men let their wives out of the house looking like hookers? Really. Why would a man take his wife anywhere wearing tight, low-cut clothing, even a camisole (No exaggeration) or other sexy garments out? Especially to the dollar store? If you think that you wife is that attractive, wouldn’t you want to keep her under wraps, knowing how men are? And really, she may be all that and a bag of chips to you, but to me she is just a bag and I can do without having to see all that before lunch. If you insist on letting her dress like that, at least have the sense to tell her when she looks like fifty pounds of sausage stuffed into a twenty pound casing.

This woman in line behind me at the store before Christmas was packed into a camisole that was two sizes too small for her and while her cleavage was busting out all in my face, her big old belly was sticking out there almost as far. And just before lunch. I wanted to tell the man that was with her, who may or may not have been her husband or boyfriend (same principle whether huband, lover, whatever), to find the girl a jacket. Thank God for people who, even if they don’t dress modestly, have some sense of how they look and how to dress in a way that flatters.

Seriously, though, even if she is looking good, sir, why would you want other men to be looking at your wife? Are you hoping that it’ll be like that Hollyweird movie and Robert Redford will offer you a million bucks to sleep with her? Several years ago I heard about this movie, I never saw it but when it came out it was all the talk of the mailroom, how romantic and beautiful it was. The dude pimped his wife off to a dirty old man and these women were all starry-eyed! The women in the mailroom hated me, because I took all the “romance” out of it by asking how much their husbands should pimp them off for and what amount would be insulting. I just didn’t understand. Nope. Still don’t, even after a multitude of people explaining it to me. It is almost beyond belief that Hollyweird could take average people and twist their belief system so much. That was almost or over ten years ago, so I wonder what Hollyweird has been up to lately.

One of the veritable plethora of reasons I won’t have a TV in my house and I don’t go to see movies or watch them on my computer or support Hollyweird in any other way is the depiction of things I don’t believe in and don’t want my children to think are okay. I think it is wrong for children to disrespect their elders, so why would I watch a show, even a “harmless” cartoon where the kids do just that and everyone laughs about it? If you have, as Sam so appropriately calls it, an idiot box in your house, do you ever pay attention to what is really going on on there? Do you want your children to be like the people they see? I wish you all would read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and read about the giant, wall-sized, TVs and then walk through Sam’s and see the monstrosities there.

Do you want your kids to have the morals of Madison Avenue, which says you must be skinny and flaunt yourself or you aren’t cool? Why would you want to let your kids fashion themselves after some of these stars? Do you want them to have three or four marriages under their belts before they’re thirty?

Maybe you don’t realize or remember what hero-worshippers children, even teenagers, are. It is a natural thing for children to want to emulate the influences around them. Emulation helps them figure out what they want to be and do and how they want to act. Do you really want them to follow Hollyweird and Mad Ave? Do you really want to let them watch and learn how to become murderers, thieves and worse? They can learn it all from their one-eyed tutor and all you do is plop them in front of it with a remote control.

Parents should want strong, manly sons that will grow up to be gentle to women, children and small animals. I am not necessarily referring to physical strength so much as desiring them to have moral and spiritual strength. Do you want your children promoting homosexuality, which is a sin against God and nature, because their heroes are? Many of their heroes either are or promote the acceptance of it. Children should not be taught to hate people, but rather that they must hate sin. It is possible to eschew the sin and love the sinner. When did not only this sin, but adultery, lying, cheating, etc. become socially acceptable? In the last fifty or sixty years since the advent of television. Boys need to be taught that they don’t have to be sissified girly-men but can be gentleman without being sissies or crude and vulgar. Okay, boys will be crude and vulgar, but there is a time and a place for everything. Boys can learn right from wrong and will want to do right if their heroes are not gangsters and thugs or sports stars that act like them. Do you really want your boy’s hero to be some steroid pumped athlete that cannot control his anger for even the duration of a game?

Girls especially need to learn that the outward fades away fast, but who you are as a person lasts forever. You can teach them around the clock about the importance of chastity and love and virtue and have it all undone by a promiscuous pop-star on the boob tube (Sorry, pun intended, but still apropos, don’t you think?). Why are Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia so prevalent? Because girls grow up with the idea that it is all in your looks and how you present them, rather than what’s inside you. We should want girls to understand that the most important thing about them is not, contrary to what Mad Ave and Hollyweird teaches them, their sexuality, but rather the person they are.

Our civilization is quickly going down. We must teach the future generations what to value and why. We need to teach them right from wrong. It is our duty to teach them our values. If I cannot totally convince you to get rid of the one-eyed temple of devils that you keep in your house, at least take the time to find out what is going on on there and turn the thing off. Boycotts seldom work and can become very complex very quickly, but if people are turning shows off, the ratings will drop and drop. Boycotts sometimes draw attention to a show that would otherwise fail on its own. Turn the TV and or radio off when programming becomes offensive and talk about it. Arbitron and Nielsen ratings really are affected by simply turning the knob to “off.”

One thing I did when my children were small is I read to them. Our whole family would get together in the evening and I would read not only the Bible, but other literature as well, to them. You have not lived or laughed until you try to read the “butter incident” from Tom Sawyer or any adventure of Hank The Cowdog out loud. When we would read the Bible, many questions, questions you might not expect, would constantly come out. Turn the TV off tonight and try it. If you want to read the Bible and have never done it before, especially out loud and don’t know where to start, I suggest the books of Matthew through Acts. There is a lot of action and dialogue right away. E-mail me if you want suggestions.

The Good Book says, “Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.”






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