02 18 2005

Savannah is 5 and a half pounds now and has been doing well at home. She has been doing well and her monitor has only gone off a couple of times and that was because she moved wrong. I will be posting pix in a couple of days of her new digs.

I have a feeling this entry will be as disjointed as many of the rest of them often seem to be.

* Attention aspiring writers! * There is a contest going on at Writer’s Digest magazine. You don’t have to be a subscriber to enter but there is a reading fee. You can check out the details at: http://www.writersdigest.com/contests/annual/74th/. Yes, it is my intention to enter at least one piece, possibly more. If you blog regularly about specific subjects or problems, this may be for you as well as the poets and story-tellers in my audience.

Ashley is now a Blogdrive blogger! Her new link is http://ashleylintner.blogdrive.com/ She has been blogging over on Xanga and I think she may be going to do what I refuse to do, copying and pasting to both so you can catch what she has to say on either.

My friend James is a Warrant officer in the Army who fixes helicopters for the 3rd ACR and is heading back to Iraq. He is normally one of the most soft-spoken gentlemen you ever want to meet and it takes a lot to get him riled. I have never seen him get angry or raise his voice and I know him well. He has a wife and 2 little children that are exceptionally polite and well-behaved who are 3 & 5. If you would make it a special favor to me and pray for him and his family whenever you are praying, I would appreciate it. He does not cringe or back off from his duty, but no one likes to leave his wife and children behind.

I said he never gets riled or angry, but he was telling me that he had a specialist do it the other day. “Because I’m an officer and I said so.” Wasn’t good enough and the guy’s dunderheaded sergeant (This would never have happened in Carter’s unit, he knows how to deal with guys like this and would have taken care of it before it ever got to this) just stood there and watched, so James dropped the guy. (This means he made him do pushups, like in Basic Training) “How many sir?” “You just keep doing ’em until I tell you to stop.” Thus said James and continued on with his business. I said he should have dropped the guy’s sarge, but he didn’t. He told me afterward, “Bro. The old NCO just came out of me. I had to help that young soldier.” Which is true, he was helping him. I guess he finally let the guy up after he had done enough pushups to make a hole in the floor.

It was my birthday and so many people wished me well, and I appreciate it. James and his family bought me a nice present, which was a stainless steel thermos. They also know I like ties that are different. I believe a male Sunday School Teacher should always wear a tie to class and wearing a tie to church is a minimal amount of respect to show for the house of God. This does not mean that ties have to be boring, however. I have all manner of ties, Winnie-The-Pooh, Snoopy (One of my Snoopy ties I gave to Ben because it had all different kinds of WWI planes on it and he could identify every one!), Mr. Potato-head, just all different types that kids find interesting. I am just a big kid, and can still, not only pop my cheek, but I can also wiggle my ears. Sometimes if you have something just slightly odd about you (no comments needed) kids will pay attention better because they are trying to figure it out.

Anyway, the card that they found for me was a blank one with a little cloth tie glued to the front. It was so cool. I am really missing my digital camera now, otherwise I would put photos of my tie collection up in my gallery.

Diet update. I weighed myself exactly one week after I started, which would have been Tuesday if you are following, and the needle wavered between 239 and 240, so I lost 2 lbs the first week. I had expected more, but really they claim that is just about the right amount to lose.

Remember, The Good Book says, “…There is a time of war and a time of peace…”

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