I’m Not Sorry

I wasn’t going to post an entry until later and normally I don’t just post an entry without trying to proof it, etc. as you all know but as I was blog-surfing this A.M. I came across something that just made my American blood boil and wanted to say my piece.

I read blogs from all over the world and there are people that love Americans or hate us along with a large number of people that don’t really feel too strongly one way or another about us. Okay. This person’s blog usually has nothing to do with us good or bad and has both kinds of comments over time. It wasn’t his blog entry that made me mad, it was a link he had found and it was THAT site that made me mad. There is a site out there that apologizes to the world for our election! They claim that “half” of Americans are sorry the election went as it did. I guess they can’t count, although, theirs is the party that, when the Electoral College meant they would lose, they wanted to abolish it but when they thought it would help them win, they wanted to keep it. Theirs is the party that has been hijacked by a bunch of leftist socialist conspirators who want to, not establish a dialogue of bi-partisanship, but take power. They already have Holllyweird and Mad Avenue in their pocket.

Anyway, I am NOT sorry! I am PROUD to be an American and am PROUD of our president, George W. Bush, who won both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote. The only president in recent years to actually win the popular vote by over 50% and had the largest voter turnout in history and won by 3,000,000 votes. That’s the majority, this is a Democracy, get over it, you bunch of crybaby losers!

I wasn’t going to post the link here, but I guess I will. I won’t post the person’s blog entry here because it is really irrelevant to what made me mad and I am not angry at the person, I am angry that someone would presume to be “half” of our population and make such a statement. You can say they have the right to dissent and speak out against the government and you are right. Just don’t do it in my name and try to pretend that you are even close to speaking for me or people I know. The link to this sorry bunch of losers is http://www.sorryeverybody.com

Remember, my dad always says, “There’s nothing God hates worse than a liar and a thief!”

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