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Hi everyone. I was offline yesterday as our phone wouldn’t produce a dial tone, just a little static. Called the phone company, they came out and found a critter had chewed the cable! Our dog isn’t the chewing kind, so it had to have been something else. Maybe a stupid skunk.

I didn’t feel like doing much on the computer the last couple of days anyway, but we need to have the phone. I still feel pretty cruddy, but not as bad as the first day. I figured I would blog, er, online journal, a little bit so you would all know I am still here and no, you can’t be rid of me that easily.

We had some snow and cold temps. It was light and fluffy because the temperature was around 0 F. When it is warmer, the snow is wetter and heavier and good packing snow, perfect for snowball fights and making snow forts and snowmen. The fluffy stuff is what the skiers love. Yes I live in Colorado and no I have never been skiing.

The temp here in Colorado Springs went up just enough to melt the snow a little, then when the sun went down it froze over, creating ice. Fun driving. Actually, you can usually get around okay if you just go s-l-o-w. Four wheel drive does nothing for ice.

I really don’t feel good yet, so I will leave you guys for now.

Remember, the Good Book says, “watch out for the other guy, he may not be watching out for you.” Or was that an old Public Service Announcement?

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