Greetings blogophiles,

Sorry i haven’t been keeping you as up-to-date as i should. It has been busy around here these last few days. Thanks to God for helping President Bush and thanks to the American people for getting out and voting in record numbers. Carter e-mailed me the county-by-county map from this year from www.newsmax.com and it is even more red than last time.

Well, there was some sadness at our house. Abby’s birds died. First, Blue Sky, who was around 8 (which is old for a parakeet) developed what appeared to be a tumor and died. When they took him out of the cage, Rainbow started freaking out and screeching going nuts. Tabitha took Rainbow out, held him, and tried to calm him down, but he just kept trying to bite her. When he stopped it was because he had died too. Abby was sad. Even though she had been through this before, and she knew the old one was sick, it was still a loss.

So, off we went to PetSmart and looked at birds, but none really had an outstanding personality or coloring so we went to Pet City at Citadel Mall and this one pretty white one just kept looking at Abby and would follow Tabitha’s finger on the glass and there was another one that was really feisty as well. So now we have Professor Clear Water, who is mostly white with a bright blue patch on his back and one whose tentative name is Majestic Mountain, but I am calling the old curmudgeon. He has more of a grayish color and while the white one wants to sit on your finger or walk around on your shoulder, he wants to bite at you and doesn’t seem as playful. He likes to sing, though.

We had just returned from going with Ben and Isabel to pick out a crib. They picked out one that can be changed into a toddler bed then a regular bed as time goes by. Grandma bought them a nice bedroom set for the baby with Baby Snoopy, and his sister Belle and a couple of his other brothers. She is due February 11 so she is getting stuff ready now. She is hoping for January 28 as that is her mom and dad’s anniversary but i am (secretly, don’t tell them, even though they read this once in a while) hoping for February 6, which is my birthday.

Sorry I haven’t kept up with this, but just so you guys all know, I am working on a couple of projects and a couple of pieces for posting on here, i just haven’t gotten to finishing anything yet.

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