What A Day

Wednesday Night Bible Study, Pastor Johnson had taught about being excited and full of joy when you are out among people and letting the world see that you have joy. What a day! The steenking dog episode happened around 4…

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My Life

Steenking Dog

Oh, man (I love grammar checker. The little green wavy line came under the word “man” just now so I right clicked it to see what they suggested as a replacement, and they suggest “operate” or “staff” so the interjection…

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10062004 entry

Just a note of explanation now that i have sent out a mail to you all about this blog. I have a wide variety of friends from a wider variety of ideologies. What this means to you, gentle reader (don’t…

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My Family

General Stuff

Since there are some people that know me and my family well and others know little or nothing I think I will just list off the players and jump in. As time goes on you will get to know more…

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My Friends

Pinball Wizards

Okay, here is the truth about that fateful day in, oh, what, 1978 or 1979 when Carter King’s pinball machine was tilted. First, let me tell you that pinball was not yet the computerized, digital annoyance that it is today.…

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