Talking Heads

No, not the 80’s music group, I have no intention of burnin’ down the house, but rather those fabled, sometimes fabulous, frequently fractious folks who ask for “only” 3 hours of my day, talk show hosts.  I know the term…

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Swimming The Rio Grande

Tevye: Where are you going? Lazar Wolf: Chicago. In America. Tevye: Chicago, America? We are going to New York, America. We’ll be neighbors. Dear Respected HabituĂ©, Beloved Cronies, little trolls, Regarded Rivals, Clever Clansmen and Super-Duper Supporters, and Everyone Else, I…

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T Roosevelt Quote

There is an e-mail circulating with a quote about immigration from Theodore Roosevelt. It is only partial and after some homework I found a couple of interesting quotes: “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who…

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